About Us


     Welcome to Love Story Street Boutique! A fun and affordable online boutique for clothes and accessories, for wherever life may be taking you! My name is Audrey and I am just a working mom who found herself on furlough from a long career in the travel and tourism industry, with no idea where to go from here. #thankscovid :(  I have always had a love for fashion and grew up with a mother who has trained me to always be on the hunt for a good deal.

      While at home with my little girls during furlough from work and on a limited budget, I found myself paying more attention than ever before to being able to look my best without breaking the bank. In my research for the greatest fashion deals, I found myself sharing this news with friends and family who would say “I love that! Where did you get it?” And I’m that girl that will loudly and proudly tell you “Thanks! It was only $20 on sale over here!” After spending some time with this shopping hobby of mine, I thought, why not share it with everyone?! No time like the present to take on a new challenge and make some new friends!

     So why Love Story Street? Well, it’s an actual place in our community; and from the moment we moved here, the atmosphere and people have always been welcoming, positive, fun, and approachable. Those are all things I hope describe the brand of Love Story Street Boutique and the community we create here for your online boutique shopping fun.

Our mission is to bring you fashionable options for all chapters in your life's story.

    Maybe you find yourself now dressing comfy but professional for a Zoom meeting from home? Or currently heading back to the office or out on a new adventure? Or maybe you’re like me and now at home with the kiddos; wanting to still feel cute but comfortable in your casual wear around the house…

     Whatever your story is, we welcome you to shop at Love Story Street Boutique and we strive to find you fashionable outfit options for a price point that makes you smile. :)